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Rig Inspections, Surveys, Audits:

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MSI can help you limit downtime and increase savings by improving the reliability, safety and environmental impact of your drilling programs.

Drawing on our long experience and wide range of combined services, we can provide an effective and comprehensive suite of onshore and offshore technical surveys and inspections. We can provide various levels of complexity and durations to suit any client’s specific requirements.

We also have extensive experience with various types of Desktop reviews and services as well as providing Remote Inspection Services.

Rig Intake
Rig Intake

MSI can provide comprehensive Rig Intake Services to cover all aspects of Inspection, Rig Pre-Selection, Final Acceptance, Regulatory Compliance, Crew Competency, Safety Awareness and Asset Management systems. It is more suitable for the high-risk projects in areas of high regulatory oversight and where an Operator requires a high level of assurance.

This service is more detailed and extensive than just a standard Rig Acceptance program and covers all aspects of selecting the right rig for the intended operation and is designed to show that adequate due diligence has been conducted by the Operator.

Where suitable, a shorter less complex service is our popular Operational Readiness survey.

Project Management
Project Management

MSI can assist with in maximizing your return on investment to ensure the delivery of the drilling unit is on-time and on-budget, as well as fit for purpose and to specification. MSI project management services can assist you in achieving a higher quality end product and a safer and more efficient operating unit. Help to avoid unnecessary delays before mobilizing the rig and allow immediate corrective action if the quality of the work provided by the construction yard and / or the contractors does not meet the applicable standards.

We can perform the entire project management of newbuilt and refurbished rigs, or simply conduct a specific phase of the project management scope based on your requirements.

Preservation & Reactivation
Preservation & Reactivation

When you plan to Preserve your asset, you must also at the same time consider the Reactivation plan, as the mode of preservation will affect the ease of Reactivation.

MSI can provide 3rd party oversight for Preservation or Reactivation services for Owners or Operators and also advise on solutions focused on your concerns and improve the chance of success of your project. We can provide proven preservation procedures, plans, and schedules which will also take into consideration the reactivation requirements.

If you are planning to Reactivate and you do not have a plan, then we can assist with this as well.

Remote Inspection - ARRIT
Remote Inspection

ARRIT is MSI's service for delivering professional remote inspections even in areas with low or no connectivity. Some of the benefits of remote inspection are

  • No Travel

  • No Visas

  • No Medicals

  • No Hotels

There are however many issues with doing Remote Inspection. Although many companies claim to do remote inspection, it is not as simple as many state. Owners or Operators should ensure that they engage competent and experienced companies when requesting this type of service. The legal responsibility for safety of equipment always remains with the Owner or Operator, not the inspection company.

Training & Assessments
Training & Assessments

MSI has discontinued providing conventional classroom-based or online, training courses. These types of courses are readily available from various sources, however we consider the real and lasting benefit to companies is minimal. For Owners, MSI now provides specialist On the Job Training (OJT) courses and workshops which are specifically designed to help reduce your business risks and improve the competence of your staff and organisation whilst providing evidence to clients or regulators of your dedication to providing an efficient and safe service. The courses will cover rig inspection and best ways to ensure compliance with any specific regulatory or Operator requirements.

For Operators who are about to contract a new rig, we can provide onsite practical crew competency assessments and where required, customised OJT training courses to help fill any gaps found in the rig crews inspection or procedural competency. These customised courses are based on the actual rig equipment and systems, and where required, can be followed up by scheduled remote verification to ensure continued adoption of the training provided and continual improvement.

Bare Boat Charter Services
Bare Boat Charter

As a bareboat charter of a drilling rig is a cheaper option than direct ownership for a contractor there is an increase of activity in this area.

However the danger of an Owner leasing his expensive asset to a Contractor, who is primarily trying to save as much money as they can, may result in the leased equipment not being properly maintained or operated.

The Bare Boat Charter agreement drawn up by the Owner must be designed to protect the financial commitment they have put into their initial purchase of the rig.

MSI can assist Owners, Banks, Shipyards with regards to the technical aspect of protecting the Owners asset when it is to be used for Bare Boat Charter.

We can advise on the technical aspects of your charter agreement and also conduct technical verification inspections that is an important aspect to the whole process of Bare Boat Charter.

Valuation & Due Diligence:
Valuation  Due-Diligence

Our Valuation & Due Diligence services can assist clients or financial institutions with potential purchases / acquisitions / sales of rigs and services. This can be used in a number of different concepts adapted and tailored to the specific needs of the client:

  • Assessment of an asset or unit value.

  • Assessment of the performance of an installation.

  • Assessment of the maintenance condition of a unit.

  • Assessment of the certification and compliance with rules & standards.

  • Assessment of the construction status of an asset in a yard.

Operational Readiness (ORS)
Operational Readiness

The operational readiness of an asset is the level of ability that it can respond to its intended operational plan(s) upon receipt of an order to commence operations. The Operational Readiness Survey is aimed at giving a client a quick assessment of the readiness of an asset and highlight any potential issues that could affect the rig going into operation. It can be performed before the owner conducts any physical remedial or reactivation work to bring the asset back into full operational condition.

Where suitable, it is a more cost-effective alternative to a full Rig Intake service.

Shipyard Services
Shipyard Services

Where clients have insufficient resources to provide their own full-time personnel to monitor shipyard work on their assets, but still require a level of due diligence with regards to their assets under construction or repair. MSI can provide 3rd party witness services for mechanical completion activities and/or commissioning activities, trials and testing. Also we can provide experienced personnel to witness FAT services, where required, worldwide.

Depending on the scope, we can provide full time support for a client or intermittent support only when required.

We are also experienced with supporting Shipyards with 3rd party Preservation oversight to provide confidence to potential or existing buyers of rigs stored/stacked in yards, worldwide.

QHSE & Risk Management:
QHSE & Risk Management

Today, more than ever, companies face increasing challenges with profitability and the quality of their drilling assets. To stay competitive, and sustainable, a company involved in oil and gas exploration and production must know their risks and how to manage them. Managing risk is of paramount importance for business continuity and the realization of profit. We help you achieve this by applying our skills and expertise by identifying your operational, maintenance and project-related risks:

Rig Pre-Selection

The purpose of a selection survey is to visually inspect several rigs under consideration for hire, or purchase. The short survey aims to determine which rig is better suited for the upcoming drilling program. These brief surveys can save clients a great deal of time and money by identifying at the earliest stage, which rigs would be more suitable for a further, more detailed inspection for an upcoming drilling program. 

If required, this survey can be extended to include a list of recommendations that require to be completed before any rig is suitable before tendering for the proposed upcoming drilling program.

DROP Surveys & Audits
DROPS Surveys Audits

MSI DROP Surveys are designed to be the most effective solution to reduce the likelihood of dropped objects. The survey will be performed from approved walkways, access ladders and stairs. Specialist access methods (such as rope access) will not be utilised, as the aim is to verify and assess the capabilities and compliance of the rig crew when conducting their own routine DROP surveys and to assess the effectiveness of the rig owner’s Management of Dropped Objects.

The Dropped Objects Audit will include a more detailed DROPS Management System review & verification, conducted by a qualified auditor, the audit will also include an evaluation of contractor’s methodology for reducing the risks of dropped objects.

MSI can also provide onsite DROPS training for your rig staff after a DROPS survey is completed.

As it is a physical onsite training program, based on the actual rig and equipment being surveyed, rather than a classroom based generic course, it is the best way to ensure your crews maximum possible memory retention on how to manage Dropped Objects.

Operation Management System (OMS)

If both Contractor and Operator work together on Contractor management using OMS Fundamentals, there is an advantage of accounting for the different sources and types of risk found in both client and contractor activities. 

Clients and contractors should both have robust assurance mechanisms in place. This is achieved by incorporating a process of Verification, Monitoring and Audit. 

This process can also cover the extra risks when multiple contractors are working on the project. 

The OMS Plan–Do–Check–Act cycle for continuous improvement should be used when designing assurance mechanisms for each phase of the Verification, Monitoring and Audit. 

Verification is done by the Contractor, Monitoring is done by the Operator and the Audit is done by an Independent 3rd party inspection company such as MSI. 

This 3rd party Audit will also aim to reduce the likelihood of friction between Contractor and Operator, as both parties will be assessed on their conformance to the agreed OMS.

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