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Modu Survey

Who We Are

Modu Survey International is made up of former senior personnel of LRED (Lloyd’s Register Energy Drilling) and former directors of ModuSpec Engineering.

In 2020, we relaunched ModuSpec Engineering as Modu-Survey International (MSI) in order to create a new, more agile, and modern company.

Our relaunch has allowed us to rapidly expand our service capabilities with more advanced and efficient concepts and implementation which can be applied to the whole Energy business.

We are also upgrading our systems to allow us to better maintain our superior technical expertise which is recognized and sought after by our clients.

We believe quality in the long run, works out much cheaper for our clients.

Low-cost service often results in low-quality results.


MSI's primary focus is in the Energy Industry

Based in Singapore, we operate globally through PT MSI in Indonesia.


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