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Some of our recent Case Histories over the last 2 years

Case History 1: Due-Diligence

MSI was contracted to provide technical due diligence (TDD) on one of the largest purchases ever of offshore drilling rigs (tenders, jack-ups, semi-subs and drillships) in Brazil, Singapore and China. MSI provided the client a number of surveyor teams to conduct this SOW in the three different countries and supported them with our experienced technical support team. The work was performed on time, during the pandemic, to the client’s satisfaction and under budget.

Case History 3: Remote Survey
Remote Survey

At the peak of the COVID pandemic, MSI conducted a truly remote inspection of a drilling unit for a major operator in Malaysia. The client was not only satisfied with the service but invited over twenty of their personnel to witness the live-feed inspection online that utilized their own personnel, supported remotely by MSI surveyors and MSI technical support. The client informed MSI that ”many companies claim to do remote inspections, MSI actually does it!”

Case History 5: Blowout
Rig Blowout

An operator experienced a significant well control issue while drilling a well on land. MSI was contracted to examine the BOP and well control system where a number of failures had occurred leading to the event. The rig had just been inspected and accepted by another 3rd party inspection company, but they had missed a number of critical issues on the BOP that MSI readily identified. In addition, as the failed BOP was considered beyond repair, MSI was tasked with inspecting all possible replacement BOPs throughout the region, until a suitable replacement was found.

Case History 2: Valuation
Rig Valuation

MSI was contracted by a major shipyard to evaluate and determine the remaining cost to complete on a group of rigs. This SOW involved both TDD and a detailed review of all of the records of the numerous assets so that the client could determine with a high level of confidence the ultimate cost to bring these assets into working condition.  This SOW was completed on time, on budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

Case History 4: Acceptance
Rig Acceptance

MSI successfully performed a full Acceptance Survey on a floater in Labuan during the pandemic mobilizing a team from abroad, as requested by the client. During the scope of work, one of the MSI surveyors identified issues with components of the BOP system that were unknown to the contractor and could have caused issues during a well control event. The client was very supportive and provided positive feedback on the entire MSI team.

Case History 6: Geothermal

A major multinational company has contracted MSI to perform acceptance surveys on all of the rigs being utilized in their geothermal campaign. This program constitutes the largest geothermal project in that country. On a number of the rigs, MSI identified issues with the electrical and safety systems and was able to save the client significant costs and NPT by bringing these issues to the operator’s attention and ensuring that they were rectified before operations commenced. 

Case History 7: Reactivation
Reactivation Modu

MSI was hired to assist in the reactivation of a stacked semi-submersible. As neither the client nor the rig contractor had a satisfactory reactivation plan, one was provided by MSI. During one of the surveys, the team discovered that the rig would be unable to commence operations due to a delay from the OEM in delivering equipment which the client was unaware of. This find saved the client an estimated $5MM USD. As a result, MSI saved both the contractor and the operator significant costs on this SOW.

Case History 8: Reactivation
Land rig reactivation

MSI was contracted to oversee the reactivation of two land rigs in the Middle East (one for a major rig contractor and the other for a large Oilfield Services supplier). MSI assisted in the development and implementation of the reactivation procedures and provided technical support and personnel to bring these units back online.

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